Adult Has Died Who is Responsible For The Bill

August 23, 2011 in News

I started a company called Medical Bill Rescue ,, after my mom died and the hospital tried to take advantage of my sister for the bills. If any adult dies and you do not sign that you are responsible for the bill, DO NOT PAY THE BILL! You are not responsible for this bill. If there is an estate for the patient who died the medical provider is required by law to obtain a form from the US Court handling the Estate (or it’s attorney) to file a claim to be considered for payment of the bill. It is not the families responsibility to do this. I have seen letters and harassing phone calls occur to family members by medical providers, especially hospitals. I also created a short video on this

I advise when to pay a bill and when and how a bill should be reviewed. Studies have shown as much as 90% of hospital bills are overbilled with items or services never used. Know your rights and do not pay what you do not owe. Do not be afraid to turn them over to your attorney general’s office if harassment continues.

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