How to post the specific costs and services?

August 15, 2011 in Member Stories

This site is a fabulous idea, particularly in MA where health care is such big business and health care costs are so much higher than other states.

Following my primary care physician’s suggestion, I recently went to a local ER for a non-emergency procedure. The service was superb (the procedure took one ER doctor alone 10 minutes and the the entire visit took 40 minutes including parking!), the outcome was good and my PCP had access to the one lab test ordered.

But what about cost? I have a very highly rated insurance plan purchased through The Connector. I don’t know how much insurance paid yet but my out of pocket bill is now almost $800. I’ve asked for an itemized bill.

My question to this forum is: how should I post the actual information of this encounter. Should I be using real names for the ER? Is it ok to post the itemized bill if I don’t mind some loss of privacy? Will there be a database that I can search to see how much other patients paid for similar services?

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  1. Hi Adrian – thanks for your story.

    Yes, please post as much information as you are comfortable sharing. Other members will be able to search this site when they want to compare hospitals, procedures and prices. We would love to build a database, but don’t the time or money at this stage.

  2. Adrian – one more suggestion. We have links to some of the databases under the Resources tab. Click the link at the end of the first heading (How much does it cost?). Most of the prices on these sites are estimates, but may be a useful comparison for your charges.

  3. I have always wanted to create a site that allows people to share their EOBs and healthcare costs stories and expenses. It would be wonderful to share and compare!

  4. I’m trying to think of a ten minute outpatient procedure that would cost $800 and I haven’t come up with one.

  5. I’m now in the process of researching this very thing. Partners has promised an explanation of the Point System that maps into Levels that correspond to Codes that then map into Insurance Discounts than then turn into Out Of Pocket Expense for me. Then, of course there’s the possibility of an error in the Documentation itself or the Coding of the documentation into Points. Newton-Wellseley is looking into that. This 6-step chain is just the “technical” fee for the ER and nursing. I also have the two items of “professional” fees charged by the physician and associated with their own Insurance Discount. I feel confident that I will eventually be able to explain the charge in a way that people can understand.

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