Being Fired For Cancer: Yet Another Troubling Report

February 13, 2012 in Member Stories

I don’t like at all what I”m seeing in response to our CommonHealth post, “How to avoid getting fired for having cancer.”  We’ve now gotten several messages from people who might not be able to prove they were fired for cancer in a court of law, but whose stories clearly reflect, at the very least, a shocking lack of compassion on the part of their employers — and at worst, yes, they got cancer and their bosses dumped them. What do we do about this???

Here’s the latest:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. I am 3 years from being able to draw my retirement. Yesterday, I received a letter from the school superintendent saying my job was being eliminated this coming May. I’ve done some checking. They are not eliminating it. They are combining it with another position that will be outside my area of certification, thus making me ineligible for my own job. This was my 16th year with this district!”

And here’s the CommonHealth post, which includes stories both in the body and in the comments.

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  1. I can tell you a friend in managment position at Childrens Hospital years ago was diagnosed and shortly after her job was “phased out”. They foolishly replaced her in a short period of time and many of her benifits, though not her job, were restored. Had a female attorney told me it was one of the biggest reasons for lay off, but never disclosed and she should fight it. She made the info known to a VP and that was when reaction, was positive.

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