What if your hotel bill was like a hospital bill?

February 16, 2012 in Hospital Bills, Medical Care, Medical Debt

Patients and their caregivers are uniquely positioned to recognize inefficiency in the healthcare system but are seldom empowered with information they need to reduce harmful spending.

For doctors, “do no harm” is one of the first principles of patient care and as a result, most clinicians are taught a basic framework to consider patient safety. Unfortunately, in an era when many patients are saddled with increasingly expensive medical bills and insurance premiums, no similar framework exists when it comes to considering issues of cost and value.

Funded with a grant from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation,  Costs of Care has partnered with medical educators at Harvard Medical School and the University of Chicago to start addressing this problem. We are developing a series of web-based medical education videos that use clinical vignettes to illustrate core principles of cost-consideration, including how to communicate with patients about avoiding unnecessary care and reducing overused or misused tests and procedures.

As part of the project launch, we released a new teaser video today called “What if Your Hotel Bill Was Like a Hospital Bill?”. The video is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of the challenges patients face in deciphering medical expenses, and their additional confusion when they learn doctors are not trained to consider costs.

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  1. Great video. Check out our pricing page. We actually post our surgical prices online! Well done…the medical marketplace needs a dose of the free market, not more government.
    G. Keith Smith, M.D.
    Oklahoma City, OK

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