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Negative Emotions – Anger, Anxiety and Minor Depression

June 20, 2012 in News

Happiness, affection, excitement – these and other pleasant emotions make life seem wonderful. Everyone wants his or her life to be filled with such good feelings. But people’s lives are not filled with positive emotions all the time. Many events in life are stressful and produce unpleasant, negative feelings. Such emotions can be triggered by a wide variety of events. The negative feelings that result can disrupt the emotional well-being of everyone.

An important part of emotional health involves learning to cope with negative emotions. Coping represents an attempt to remove or resolve a stressful situation or insulate oneself from the negative emotions that it can cause.

Negative feelings may result directly from unhappy situations such as fear of harm and sadness of loss. Your life includes situations which give rise to such emotions, and they must generally be accepted and lived through. If you are able to cope with a situation successfully, you will return to a normal state of emotional health.

Other negative feelings may arise from conflicts between different emotions, and in these cases it can be helpful to understand what is happening. Anger, for example, can be a positive force for doing good, but open displays of anger are disapproved by most of the people. That is why you can feel yourself conflicted about being angry. Other negative feelings also often result from feelings that people do not wish to acknowledge.

Check out some of the most common negative emotions. There understanding will improve you life and make you well balanced person.

Anger is a natural human response. Some people, however, feel angry and frustrated much of the time. They may be more vulnerable to external stress situations. They may need to desensitize themselves or learn to filter out the bad things the world throws in their direction. They may also need to look behind their anger to find out what other feelings it may be covering up and try to deal with those feelings.

If you feel that you are reacting with anger too often, try some of these techniques to cope with your angry feelings
• Practice stress management techniques-meditation, yoga and etc.
• Try to remove the competitive feelings so that you are constantly under stress and pressure.
• Figure out why you are reacting so strongly to particular situations.
• Sometimes anger is caused by frustration- figure out what is frustrating you and do something about it.
• Remember, anger can get even worst if you express it. There are many situations when it is better to remain calm.

Anxiety usually occurs when people feel fear that is related to expected loss or hurt. Occasionally people feel “free-floating anxiety, in which they cannot identify the reason for their fear. It does not matter whether the expectation is real or imagined- the fear is very real. In most cases the fear is over some loss or hurt that may occur in the future. People often feel that things are out of their control, and thus the anxiety is heightened.

The most effective way to deal with anxiety is to work toward regaining the feeling of self-efficacy- the feeling that you control the events in your life or at least your reaction to them. Start by admitting to yourself that you are afraid of being hurt or losing someone or something important to you. Sometimes simply admitting that you are vulnerable can help relieve the anxiety.
Once the sources of anxiety are brought out into the open, they can be examined objectively. Imaginary fears can be seen for what they are, and real threats to your well-being or self-esteem can be better understood.

Minor Depression
Minor depression is sometimes referred to as the common cold of emotional disorder. It is a “down” feeling that is usually associated with loss of self-esteem. To get over it, start by directing energy away from yourself. Exercise, gardening, reading and other activities can often help break a depressed mood. Make a daily schedule so that you can structure your activities toward a productive end. Also, try to identify any source of anger and allow your trapped feeling to escape. Do not give up and be positive.

These are the most common emotional disorders and some simple technique to cope with them. As you see the most important is to understand the source and then everything is easier.
Be positive and enjoy your life. It is only one.

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