How to handle a bad charge on a medical bill

July 9, 2012 in health care costs, Hospital Bills, Insurance Bills

The Today program at MSNBC recently published a report about errors in medical bills, with the comment that ‘Medical billing is rife with errors …’   The report has many comments from readers, most of whom also reinforce the frustrating state of affairs in  medical billing.

The report includes general suggestions for the patient from HealthCPA, a company that helps manage medical bills and health insurance paperwork..  We probably already know that error prevention is not easy or simple.  Furthermore error prevention may not even be possible for  the sick patient and helpers (if help is being given).  Still further, error prevention may involve unreasonable amounts of time and effort by those who do not have the energy or resources to deal with errors.

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  1. Interesting Lee – one of the people quoted in the article, Sunni Patterson, is also a Savvy member. If want to read more – check out the posts from @sunnip

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