Woah – stunningly blunt cigarette warning

July 23, 2012 in International Health Care, Member Stories

I’ve admittedly not paid that much attention to the controversy about graphic pictures and warnings that the FDA wants to require on cigarette packages as of September.

So when I saw someone in London pull out a pack of cigarettes a few days ago I was stunned. The UK, Portugal and several other EU countries now print blunt warnings like this one, Smoking Kills, on the front and grim pictures on the back of cigarette packages.  The warnings show some signs of success in the UK, mostly with new smokers, but are less effective in India. The UK is considering using the warning/graphic pictures strategy to curb excessive drinking.

In the US, a court challenge to the FDA warning requirement is pending.


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  1. This is just one more example of how Europe is light-years ahead of the USA in many ways. Which for me is unfortunate, since I live in the USA. Greater transportation, far less idiotic censorship and similar hangups (the USA still is ‘way too Puritanical), and very refreshing other aspects make Europe delightful to visit — and I’ve been there 11 times. And now they’ve done this — while we still pander to Big Tobacco and keep WIMPILY dragging our feet! Sad.

  2. Hi Craig – what do you think about the idea of warnings on alcohol? What do you think they should say?

  3. As we well known with the fact that cigarette smoking is injurious to health which may leads to lung cancer but still people are getting addicted towards these practices. So in order to reduce the effects of smoking cigarette companies are indicate certain warnings in the cigarette packets. I was wondering people are still taking some lessons from these statuary warnings.

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