Medical Care Risks (C.diff in USA hospitals)

August 16, 2012 in Medical Care, News

A report in the current issue of USA today on the front page has the heading ‘One bacteria, 30,000 deaths’, with the subtitle ‘When Health Care Makes You Sick.’  The story is illustrative for two important terms.  The first is nosocomial infection, also known as hospital acquired infection.  The second is iatrogenics, which is illness caused by medical examination or treatment.  These are real problems for all of us real people..

Health professionals and hospitals do wonderful things that improve health and well-being.   I personally have had tremendous support and benefit from physicians, hospitals, medical therapies, and medicines on multiple occasions.  But dangers are always there lurking to strike the patient unexpectedly. I have been known to reject medical advice  and/or delay medical care, in my own self-interest when I believed the risks outweighed the benefits.  These are difficult decisions, but I try to take into account the risks to me..

Often, but not always, it is accepted that the patient has the right to decide for him/herself.  Sometimes the patient will make a wrong decision just as the medical system can generate bad choices.  For example, Steve Jobs is reported to have regretted delaying surgery for so long while seeking alternative therapy.  To me, the point is that no decision maker is right all the time.  But in case of doubt, who is better to make the tough decisions than the person personally taking the risks.




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  1. Lee – this is the murky territory we enter as we try to become partners with doctors in our care. It’s hard to make educated choices about medical care. But you are right – more care – especially in hospitals – comes with risks.

  2. The problem is as the article points out,the hospitals have a ‘don’t ask ,don’t telll’ policy so family and patients find out too late the they have an HAI and now the damage is done.In Nevada the hospitals legally have five days before they have to tell the patient or family the patient is infected.So they can address the problem before you know there is one.there is far more that can be done than is,but business as usual ,people keep dying and ‘Dracula in charge of the blood bank ’cause health depts don’t regulate hospitals ,hospitals regulate health depts through lobbyist.

  3. It is true that some times we receive poor health cares service in hospitals that can increase our trouble. Wrong diagnosis or hospital infections can affect a patient badly and can prove fatal also. We can not make right decisions at all the time but still we can raise our voice against this type of low quality treatment. People are paying heavy amounts for treatment so they must get right service.

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