Billing for one medical visit

October 25, 2012 in Member Stories

I happened to be paying for trash services (one bill) at the same time as hospital medical services (two bills). One medical bill was for the doctor and the other was for the hospital.

A comparable billing arrangement on trash services would have been to receive one bill for trash collector services and another for the cost of the truck used to haul the trash.

The double billing arrangement puts distance between the medical providers and the facilities they use, and likely simplifies life for the providers, but it also separates the providers from knowledge of the true cost for medical care. Double billing also means that patients have more difficulty trying to decipher the billing.

Let’s hope that trash collectors and other service providers do not adopt a similar double billing arrangement.

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  1. Lee – I would say the “deciphering” is nearly impossible.

  2. Administration of vaccine one charge, vacinne itself another charge. I was billed an astronomical amount to get the shingles vaccine. Over $500.

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