Gold-plated stitches with a ruby stud

October 8, 2012 in health care costs, Hospital Bills

Remember that story about my colleague who got an $1134 bill from Mount Auburn Hospital for two stitches?  Turns out that total didn’t include the physician’s charge: $364.

So those stitches were $799 apiece.  My colleague cut her finger on the job and has been told she’s on the hook for these bills until the workers comp claim is approved. She doesn’t want to pay and have to deal with seeking reimbursement, but is worried now that the bills will go to collection.  Messy. Expensive. Annoying, just for two stitches.

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  1. This is a simple repair, scalp – CPT 12001 – pays $94.31 in an outpatient setting and $51.81 in a facility setting – using billing under a doc’s TIN (not through the hospital) – Tampa, FL locality – PAR.

    I would push the W/C route – have her take this bill to H.R. and have them move the system along a bit.

  2. My daughter had to deal with workers comp, and in spite of her sending ALL of the information to the hospital several times, they still sent it to collection. Her employer’s HR was also involved. Now we’re working on cleaning up her credit rating, which was otherwise perfect.

    If there are any real human beings working in hospital billing, let’s hear from you. From our perspective, you just make a bad situation (slow-paying W/C) worse.

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