What is going on with some familiar OTC products?

October 19, 2012 in health care costs, News

I have noticed that a number of familiar OTC drug store products are difficult to come by for the last several months, including Maalox, Triaminic, Lamisil, and seemingly much more.. Looking online, I see that production was suspended by Novartis in Lincoln Nebraska and Boucherville Quebec due to some troubles, according to reports.


The company is apparently just fine for a considerable length of time without these products, thank you, because for example, sales from Lincoln plant production are reported to have been less than 2% of Novartis sales.

I am not a big consumer of these products but have used some, and have found them to be of occasional positive benefit.  Now that they are not available, I ask myself if I have actually been wasting my money buying them.

In an online search, the most recent news as to what is going on appears to be a local report from way back in Mar 2012.   I can’t find any information on when the previous availability may return.

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