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Avoiding the sugar/fat blahs

December 24, 2012 in lifestyle, nutrition

Cookies, candy, cheese rolls, eggnog…the temptations of the holidays are everywhere you turn.  So we put together a list of our favorite tips for avoiding the sugar/fat blahs and the extra pounds.  Please add yours!

Drink a big glass of water before you eat or drink anything else at a party.

Use a napkin, not a plate – it can’t hold as much.

Go for color: carrots, peppers, broccoli, celery.

Give yourself a pedometer and challenge someone to beat your step count every day.

From Kathleeen Zelman at WebMD:

Wear snug clothes and keep one hand busy. When you wear snug-fitting attire, chances are you’ll be too busy holding in your stomach to overeat. While you stand around looking posh in your holiday finery, hold a drink in your dominant hand so it won’t be so easy to grab food.

Chew gum. When you don’t want to eat, pop a piece of sugarless gum into your mouth. This works well when you’re cooking or when you’re trying not to dive into the buffet.  Breath mints work too.

Be a food snob. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it.

From the Eat Right blog:

Eat a healthy snack before you go to the party

Move away from the buffet so you won’t be tempted to talk while you eat.

Remember, drinks count and they often have as many or more calories as that cookie in your other hand


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