Robo Wrong on Mammograms?

December 14, 2012 in Medical Care

I got my first health care Robo call last week.

It was from my insurer, Blue Cross, telling me that I was overdue for a mammogram.  Yes, it’s true, it’s been more than a year.  But that’s by choice.  In the heated controversy about how often women should have an MRI, I’m going with every two years.

Judy Norsigian and other women’s health advocates question whether women should get mammograms as a routine test at all.

So why is Blue Cross recommending annual tests? The customer service rep I spoke to today said she didn’t know. She thought that the reminders went out automatically to all women over a certain age.

It’s cool that Blue Cross is sending me reminders, although I was a little surprised that my robo gal didn’t have “don’t think I need an annual mammogram” as one of the reasons I could choose for being overdue.  Surely there are at least a handful of us who have taken the advice of an independent panel to heart.

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  1. Insurance companies are now required to provide preventative care under the health care reform and they have to provide a certain amount of care, so they do this and receive credit for it.

  2. I agree. “Don’t think I need it” is a legitimate response.

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