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Understanding Obesity And The best Solution

December 5, 2012 in fitness

In Order for us to fight obesity, we need to understand all the factors that causes it and we need to start from there.

Today, according to statistics, there’s 127 million or 64.5 percent of Americans are considered obese and most of them are adults and it was noted that obesity caused 300,000 deaths in the US alone. When it comes to health care for adult obesity, the cost reached up to $100 billion and still the number of obese people, death related cases connected to obesity and the health care expenses is increasing every year. Aside from their physical appearance that they look so big and could not do regular things every day, these obese people are very prone to serious diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart problems, diabetes and a lot more.

Childhood obesity rate is also fast increasing. Many children now days in the US alone have seen some symptoms that even at early age, they could gain weight easily and no longer the standard weight basing from their age. Obesity needs to be stopped at early age before they will become adult. Obesity now a day is considered as an epidemic that affects millions of people. Over the past ten years, it was observe that the obesity rate for children has significantly increased and even reached to a very alarming number.

Causes of obesity
We all know that overeating is the main cause of obesity but aside from this factor, there are many things have been considered that contributes to obesity. For adults, obesity could be caused by some psychological problems and they divert their attention in eating. Previous medical conditions could also be caused by this condition. Lifestyle could be another factor and the most common reason. Technology development and availability of food could be another factor and if you noticed, since US is a progressive country and no shortage of food, you could just purchase food anywhere most especially if you are in a hurry and these are called fast food which very oily and does not have all the nutrients that our body needs.

For children, availability of junk food is one thing; they could just purchase junk foods anytime they want. Instead of engaging their self to physical activities like sports, they prefer to stay at home, watching and playing computer games and other stuff that limits them to have a physical activity. Everything was made easier for all of us, even just using stairs when we go to the next floor of the building was made easy, we could now use an elevator which suppose to be that could be a short exercise for all of us.

Solution for obesity
Before you start fighting obesity it is important that we could have proper mind set and determination. Discipline is also very important. There are many obese people that even though they are already working to fight their excess weight they still try to “cheat” and that’s one reason that they could not see any progress at all. Many weight loss solution and training program but all of them is not enough to lose the amount of weight that people wants even exercise and diet is not enough to lose big amount of weight most especially for morbid obese people.

Others may prefer gastric Bypass surgery or Lap band, these options could eliminate excess weight but the risk of acquiring severe complications or even death is very high. Another factor why surgery is not considered as the best option is because of its price, it’s a rip-off! Especially with the kind of economy that we have today, it would be much better to stay practical and look for options that will work best for you but you don’t need to spend too much money and just put your life in danger.

Natural weight loss option
There are many natural weight loss option becomes available in the market, basically, they were called natural option because they are made from natural ingredients. But how about using a Formula that is made from natural ingredients provide you the same effect of the actual gastric bypass surgery but no surgery involved,it is much better and safer, you will not undergo surgery, you will lose weight and you will not have any concern of getting a long term side effect., it is much better and safer, you will not undergo surgery, you will lose weight and you will not have any concern of getting a long term side effect. The Roca Labs Formula is made from 100% natural ingredients and will have a gastric bypass effect since it will consume the 80% of your stomach space. One best thing about this formula is that, it will still allow you to eat any food you like as long as it is non carbonated, even though you eat less you already feel full, it will help you cut-off your daily food intake for about 50%.

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  1. Being extremely obese means you are especially likely to have health problems related to your weight. The good news is that even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity. You can usually lose weight through dietary changes, increased physical activity and behavior changes. In some cases, prescription medications or weight-loss surgery may be options. :’*.

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