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The $55,000 cat bite and other stories you won’t believe

January 24, 2013 in Hospital Bills

OK folks – we’re starting a new tab up there at the top of the page called, “You Won’t Believe This One….”

photo credit David Lazarus, his cat, Bear.

The inspiration is David Lazarus’ story about a cat bite that became infected and cost $55,000 to treat.

David tells the story and lays out the costs here.

Unfortunately, we hear lots of stories like David’s. And, there are lots of us who never even see the bills we pile up, so aren’t aware of how much we’re spending, and in some cases wasting, when we go to a clinic or hospital for care.

David, so glad your hand healed. We have to take issue with one claim in the your story…that the Affordable Care Act will get rid of “funny money” in health care…not a chance.

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