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February 25, 2013 in Member Stories

Hi all. I’m a recent addition to this group, but I’ve been working in and around health care from a consumer/patient/family perspective for some time.  I run a Maryland-based non profit called the Informed Patient Institute (or IPI). We provide credible access to online information about health care quality and patient safety.   We work in two areas – health care report cards and tip sheets about “what to do if you have a concern about quality.” We have a database of hundreds of doctor, hospital and nursing home report cards nationwide.  We grade them “A” thru “F” and tell you what we like about them and what could be improved.  In the tip sheet area, we’ve written plain language information about what to do if you have a concern about quality in a doctor’s office, hospital or nursing home.  In MA, because of the good work of  Health Care for All,  we link to their information about hospital quality concerns.  In the future we’d like to do work in the state on quality concerns in doctor’s offices or nursing homes.  We have this information now in CA, ME, NY and PA.  Check us out!

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