Here’s one reason you can’t find health care prices…

March 18, 2013 in Health Insurance, Hospital Bills, Member Stories

Most states don’t have laws requiring hospitals and other providers to tell you how much anything costs.

That’s the finding of a report that gives 29 states an “F” for transparency in health care pricing and nine a “D.” As Kaiser Health News reports, a group that includes some of the country’s largest employers plans to issue annual report cards on transparency.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire are the only two states (in blue) that get “A”s. The provision of the Massachusetts law that says insurers and providers will have to give you a price for an MRI, if you call, takes effect later this year. I’ve tried to find out how much hospitals and labs in the Bay State charge for services; it’s very difficult.  So for now, the “A” awarded to Massachusetts must be for intent, not action.

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