Robotic Surgery Warning!

March 21, 2013 in Medical Care, Member Stories

robotic surgeryRobot-assisted surgery is on the rise. If you’re thinking about it or your doctor is recommending it – Read This First.

In Massachusetts, the Board of Registration in Medicine says it is seeing an increasing number of “patient complications associated with robot-assisted surgery.”

Here’s one example:

The patient underwent elective robot-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, performed by two attending surgeons. After removal of the uterus, excessive bleeding was noted. Intraoperative colorectal and urologic consults found a significant length of the sigmoid colon mesentery damaged from incorrect tenaculum placement, left ureter dissection and cautery injury along the pelvic sidewall. The patient required laparotomy, sigmoid resection, diversion ileostomy and bilateral ureteral stents.

Paul Levy notes the obvious on his blog; this is more bad news for one of the major robotics manufacturers, Intuitive. Bloomberg reports on lawsuits mounting against the company for allegedly prioritizing sales over training.

So be prepared. If your doctor says she’s going to use a robotic device during your surgery, ask some questions:

1) Are you certified to use the robot?
2) How many surgeries have you performed with this particular device?
3) What’s your complication rate from surgeries using this robot?
4) What are the risks of surgery with and without the robot?
5) Is there any difference in cost?

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