A Picture of Health in America

April 8, 2013 in Member Stories

Health in America
Source: Best Masters in Healthcare

As one of the largest segements of the US economy, health care accounts for trillions of dollars in spending, both by governments and private individuals. At Top Masters in Healthcare, we decided to take a closer look at where the money goes in this infographic titled A Picture of Health.

The impact of the healthcare industry on everyday Americans continues to grow, whether they see it in their insurance bill or whether they earn their salaries from the health care industry. The issue also continues to dominate the political conversation… there’s no escaping it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I find these kinds of graphics to be a helpful way of understanding some basic statistics without getting bored because they are… well… basic statistics. Considering the healthcare changes that have already happened and which are projected to happen I wonder if this style of presentation, however maybe shorter and more specific to a single topic, could be helpful to portray important information to the citizenry at large. One of the things I hope comes out of the implementation of the new law is greater ‘average joe’ involvement within their own realm of healthcare, such as increased involvement in and understanding of what care they are receiving, why they are receiving it, and the cost options regarding it.

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