About Me

Full Name

Michael A. Sedano

City, State

Suisun City

My Health Care Interests

Low back degerative disc disease, spinal nerve impingement and Pancreatitis.

My Stories

I have have a low back broblem since 1992 when I became hurt at work, I needed a lamenectomy @ L/4 L/5, I was fine for a while until my wife and I were re-ended on the 91 frwy. in Orange County, Ca. 1997. Then my back slowly got worse. In 2003 I had a Dorsal Column Stimulator" inserted in my body, it worked for a while but in 1995 the battery died and they removed the unit. Although the Doctor removed the spinal lead implanted in T/6-T/7 area it still gives me problems to this day. I am now 57 and on permanent disabilty through (SSA).

I also started having stomach problems in 2009, serious doubled over pain like no other. I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and have been hospitalized 3-seperate times for this issue. The medication I need is "creon" and there is no generic brand so it costs $380.00 per month. I am now on Medi-cal whichdoesn't pay anything because the government/county program thinks I receive too much money to qualify. So I have to pay for "ALL" my medcations. THats over $600 a month. towards a $1512 dollar (soc) or share of cost. Thats monthly by the way. What the hell has happened to our medical in this country? I have worked 40 years and did not want to be disabled, but it happened. Now I can't get the medical care I need.