How Much Does an MRI (or any other health care service) cost?

Hospitals and labs don’t publish their prices, but a few websites are collecting prices and can give you some guidance.   We review a half dozen sites here.

Where Will I Get the Best Care?

Information to help answer this question is limited, but there is some, which you can view here.

If you want help managing your medical bills…

There are several new sites that aim to be the equivalent for health care expenses.

Can you help me find other online patient networking sites?

We keep a running list of patient networks here.

Where can I find the latest research and guidance on effective care?

You’ll find summaries of many of the latest studies on common questions here.

Many providers post patient education videos and materials on line.  

Hospitals and doctors are posting talk shows, webinars, animated short films and demonstrations on home strep tests.


We’re still looking for the best simple, concise health care dictionary.  What do you think about this one?  Let us know:








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  1. It looks like the Glossary link should be I would add specific billing terms like “Current Procedural Terminology Codes” “Allowed Amount” and “Modifier” (along with many more). is working on getting our dictionary up at

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