Managing medical bills

Here are two sites that Techcrunch calls the for health care bills. If you can’t pay your medical bills, and are looking for help resolving the debt, we have a page in the works that will offer guidance. It should be up by the end of October.


You give Simplee access to your medical bills and the site gives them back in an easy to read format. Here’s a portion of the company’s mission statement:

Simplee aims to empower you with tools and insights to optimize your health care benefits and lower your health care costs. Becoming a smart consumer of health care is increasingly important, as costs are rising rapidly. Consumer premiums and out of pocket medical expenses have increased by over 50% in the last 5 years.



From the Cakehealth homepage:

Cake Health is a central place for all your healthcare plans online. It updates your plan status so you know what’s covered, automatically categorizes your claims, tracks your out-of-pocket expenses and alerts you to possible overcharges.

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