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Ever spent hours on the phone trying to figure out why you were charged $20 for a bar of soap during your hospital stay? We’d love to hear about it!

Write a post to tell us your experiences about navigating healthcare, finding the best treatment and other health care challenges. Your post will appear on the Healthcare Savvy homepage for other members like you who might be going through a similar experience. You don’t have to write anything formal. Just tell your story like you were sharing it with a friend or family member.

Don’t have a story you want to share? Not a problem! There are a lot of ways to interact and get conversations started. You can share your ideas about a current healthcare issue. Or, you can ask fellow members follow-up questions by leaving a comment on their posts.

To share your story, simply login and click on the “Write a Post” tab. Write in the window that opens up or paste in text you wrote in another document. Try adding photos or hyperlinks (see below), and click “publish” when you are done.

A few tips for enhancing your post:

Photos- If you have any pictures or graphics you’d like to add to your post, you can do so by clicking on the “Upload/Insert” link just above the formatting toolbar. There you can select photos to download from your computer or from a website’s URL.

Hyperlinks- To link to an interesting article or site in the text of your post, highlight the text where you want to place the link and click on the hyperlink button on the top row of the formatting bar. It’s the button that looks like a chain link. Then input the website you want the text to link to in the URL field and select “Open link in a new window/tab” so those reading your post won’t lose track of it.

Categories- Be sure to indicate what topics your post is associated with by selecting one or two categories from the “Categories” box on the right-hand side bar. This will help members to find your post in the future when they’re looking up a specific topic by running a search or looking through the “Categories” drop-down menu on the home page.

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  1. I would like to recommend the site to my friend who has just got treatment for Dengue in a private hospital.

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