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Benefits of a vegetarian/pescetarian diet: My transition to a (mostly) meat-free lifestyle

July 6, 2012 in lifestyle, Member Stories

Lately, I’ve been considering cutting meat out of my diet. After a recent walk home from an indulgent dinner of General Tso’s chicken at a local Chinese restaurant, I realized just how sluggish I felt. Typically, I’m the girl that craves burgers and loves buffalo wings paired with a beer at the bar, but I’ve given up meat and poultry once before and saw real benefits from it. I lost a little weight and felt like I had more energy. So, now I’m ready to make the transition back to a mostly meat-free diet. Allow me to explain what I mean when I say “mostly meat-free.” I’m not opting for strict vegetarianism. I’m leaning toward taking on the pescetarian diet- avoiding red meat and poultry by opting for seafood alternatives instead. I also think placing a ban on all meat could be too tall of an order for me- more on that later.

Ever thought of trying out the vegetarian/pescetarian side of life? There are many benefits from taking the plunge. Cutting down on meat can lower your risk for heart disease by reducing calories, saturated fat and lowering the bad cholesterol in your diet, says the Mayo Clinic. And if you’re into eco-friendliness, you can feel extra good knowing that cutting back on meat can ultimately reduce your carbon footprint, another benefit touted by the Meatless Mondays movement.

I plan to do things a little differently in my second attempt to cut back on meat by actually cooking tasty, healthy vegetarian food instead of just opting for a tuna sandwich. I found a few websites that could be helpful to the vegetarian or pescetarian in the making: Read the rest of this entry →